How Much Money Should I Spend on My Pitching Machine?

There are quite a few different pitching machine versions and they come at quite a broad price range. Pitching machines can range through $200 to $2, 500. Apart from indoor practice machines and leisure (backyard) pitching machines, most instructors and parents elect to purchase the machine that will most closely replicate pitches the player will see in the game. Machines favored by coaches and youth programs generally start over $500 and represent a significant investment.
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When you start to evaluate how much you want to invest in a pitching machine, there exists a lot to consider. You need to make sure you obtain the right machine for your needs in order to increase the usage of it. The cost is driven by the features the machine has and also the durability of the machine. You need to guarantee the pitching machine fits your needs so you need to take into consideration how long do you think you will be using it.

In deciding which features you want on your pitching machine it is very important consider the age of the child or kids that are going to use the machine and the place you will be using the machine. As children start to get older they will see more advanced pitches and having a pitching device that can throw these pitches can be a great benefit. Getting a lot of repetition on a pitching machine on the superior pitches can be a great benefit to a young hitter learning to hit smashing balls

What do the features within the machine add to the cost?

It is very important you decide what features you want on a harrassing machine before you select it. You have to consider what types of pitches it needs to throw, how fast it needs to throw, and how to control the speed / pitch type. Once this has been determined, you can consider additional features plus accessories that will also impact the price of the machine.

A single wheel pitching machine will throw fastballs only, plus come in a variety of top end speeds (depending on the brand and model). You can buy a high quality fastball machine that pitches real baseballs at speeds up to 70MPH and comes with a good five year warranty for less than $650. Using a top end speed of 70MPH, this particular machine will grow with your players through the ages of 14 or 15 years old and makes an excellent machine to coach on during their early developmental years. If you need more speed, you will pay more, but the machine may have a longer useful life as your player develops. Fastball pitching machines range in price from around $650 up to more than $1, 500.

If you need a machine that will throw curveballs in addition to fastballs, the price of the machine jumps as much as between $1, 500 and $2, 500. That is quite a bit more than an one wheel fastball machine, but otherwise you player advances through high school and into college, they will be seeing a lot of different pitches… and to many coaches plus parents, the investment in a two wheel pitching machine is essential.

Additionally , the control box and how you set / determine the pitch type can add between $100 and $500 to either a fastball or a busting ball machine. Machines with easy variable speed potentiometers (dials along with numbers on them that helps you figure out the speed that the wheel spins) are the most affordable options, but give you the least amount of control of the machine. Proprietary control systems like the JUGS Dial-A-Pitch offer more precise control of the pitch speed and type, but can cost a few hundred dollars more than the particular entry-level machines. Dial-a-pitch, micro changes, and machines that can program a whole sequence of pitches are the most reliable machines as they simulate most accurately live pitching. Programmable machines are available, but can be cost beyond reach to small teams and youth programs. This feature can be very important for a college program or if the machine is going to be used by numerous instructors (versus only a few individuals), however this particular feature comes at a premium cost.

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