Hypnotherapy Expert Releases Free Hypnotherapy Report

Hypnosis has a proven track record as a very effective method for helping people overcome a wide variety of problems. When hypnotherapy is used in the hands of a skilled therapist in only a very short space of time hypnotherapy will help bring about truly amazing results.

As with many other professions there can be huge variations in people who use hypnotherapy and who call themselves ‘hypnotherapists. ‘ You will find master hypnotherapists who are hypnosis professionals, highly trained, extremely experienced and having a broad depth of knowledge of hypnotherapy. Alas, there are also individuals who incorrectly make use of hypnotherapy. They may be untrained, poorly skilled and inexperienced people who claim to be hypnotherapists. Clearly the results of hypnosis, when used by a hypnotherapist that has little or no training and only limited experience is likely to be far less effective than putting your hands in a skilled hypnosis specialist.

Would you consider saving a few pounds with your car brakes installed by a so-called mechanic that had little or no education and limited experience, only to find away later that your brakes fail while you approach the red traffic lamps?

What about government legislation to protect you by ensuring that people using hypnotherapy or calling themselves hypnotherapists are usually appropriately trained, qualified and skilled?

No! There is no such legislation, meaning that just about anyone can practice hypnotherapy, with little or no training!


The four things you must know before booking your hypnotherapy appointment.

1 . Does your hypnotist have appropriate training in hypnotherapy?

Allow me to repeat what I said earlier, that there is currently no legislation to control medical hypnotherapy in Britain. This means that, while anyone can offer apparently similar hypnotherapy services, the person offering such hypnotherapy is not required to have attained an amount of training to any given standard.

Because my secretary is frequently mentioned hypnotherapy, she attended a weekend course to gain more understanding of the particular techniques. Clearly she did not intend to practice hypnotherapy; she just desired to be able to provide a better service in order to enquirers, based on a sound understanding.
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A couple weeks later she pointed out an ad placed by an otherwise inexperienced individual who had been on the same two-day gratitude course and was now offering his hypnotherapy services and calling himself a hypnotherapist!

There are over three thousand hypnotherapy training schools in the United Kingdom and this does not include the worthless hypnotherapy diplomas that are sold over the internet. The training facilities offered can range from weekend courses, one week courses, three month, one year, two year and even three year courses. It is apparent the level of understanding and knowledge of hypnotherapy, and how to apply hypnotherapy will be greatly different according to the hypnotherpist’s training.

Ask yourself this. Is a person, who has researched for years, who has had course work professionally assessed, who has analysed countless case studies, who has spent numerous hours of home study, supplemented by hours of face to face training and, who has passed written and practical examinations – the same as the person that attends a short woefully inadequate course? Obviously not!

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