The particular 3 INQ Chat 3G Offers Free Phone Calls Through Skype

The particular 3 INQ Chat 3G is a stylish and interactive handset in whose purpose is to allow its consumer to interact with social media websites whilst on the move. In addition the unit also offers the means to save money on calls by giving the ability to utilise Skype. Measuring within at 114 mm x sixty one mm wide whilst being 12 mm thick, this lightweight unit which measures 122 g within weight is both effective plus colourful.

The handset offers a wide variety of social media interactivity and provides the means to access these services and use them in a simple and effective manner by virtue of its included QWERTY keyboard.
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The free and cheap phone calls service known as Skype is also provided by virtue of the handsets internet connectivity. The handset includes Facebook and Twitter applications as well as Windows live integration.

From an entertainment standpoint, the handset provides an impressive MP4/MP3 media player, which is able to support the majority of audio and video file formats while the inclusion of several games provides additional entertainment options. The handset provides a 3. 15 mp snapshot style camera that includes autofocus and is also able to be utilised to capture video as an alternative to still imagery. The particular handset also includes video call functionality.

The handset provides a THIN FILM TRANSISTOR display screen which is both colourful and has a clarity of image that will defines the handset. This is provided by virtue of the screens ability to screen 256, 000 within a pixel screen-size which is 320 x 240 pixels. The impressive QWERTY keyboard that is included within the handset and is situated under the main screen makes textual content entry simplicity itself. As its type of navigation around the functionality the mobile phone provides home screen widgets.

There are many forms of connectivity options included with this specific handset, with GPRS and ADVANTAGE, both of which are class 10 combined with USB and Bluetooth. Satellite television navigation is offered by virtue of the included GPS function whilst the HSDPA connection provides web surfing abilities at 3. 6 Mbps. The phone comes with 100 MB of memory space with the option to utilise the integrated microSD card slot to increase memory storage capabilities up to 4 GB.

The 3 INQ Chat 3G is an affordable and amiable handset that offers a wide variety of useful and pertinent features and functions. The handset is available in a variety of colours and offers not only amusement and functionality but also the ability to spend less by virtue of its free phone calls capability, through Skype.

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