How to Use Twitter for Business Naturally

You can use Twitter for business and actually have more hits and traffic to your blog or business opportunity than you can on Facebook. At least that’s been my experience lately.

I don’t claim to be a Twitter guru, but I’ve noticed that you will get more Twitter followers just by being your self and interacting with other members.

Therefore , here are some general tips on how to set up and use this social networking site to your advantage, and get the most out of your business marketing.

#1. Attraction Marketing!

Be sure your Twitter account profile is attractive and states something about you. Use a photograph of yourself, not an “avatar” or even company logo.

Remember, branding is still extremely important here as on any other social networking site. So if use the same photo across all of your profiles, people can get to know you.

I actually had a follower tweet to me, “You’re everywhere! inch That’s the point!

#2. Add eye-catching photos to your tweets!

Twitter allows photos to be uploaded to standing updates (tweets) too, so when feasible, it’s a good idea to upload a relevant image in every few tweets.

#3. Have a tendency include a link with every position update.

is a very popular hashtag, so along with trends, use an fascinating quote without a link to any other web site.

#4. As for links, mix them up!

Don’t just use the exact same link to the same landing page all the time. Link to a relevant blog post, a favorite or brand new YouTube video and different landing pages or even business opportunities.

People on Twitter like variety!

#5. Every few tweets, add something simple and “personal. inch

Here’s an example – “Had the dinner date with hubby! Great to take some time off work and luxuriate in the evening. ”

Your personal tweet : without a link – can be about anything; what your cat just did, how much snow your area is getting, where you took your last vacation.

Personal tweets are something that simply add a little more about you so that your followers will get to know you, therefore you’ll get even more followers.
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#6. Say something about one of the Twitter well-known topics.

Scan the list of well-known topics on the sidebar. Find some thing interesting and say something about it, like your opinion on the topic, and be sure to use the #hashtag in your tweet.

#7. Ideas for marketing your company

Remember, not every post needs to have a hyperlink! The key for marketing here is the just like it is on every social networking site.

You will get more followers, signups or even sales when you allow people to become familiar with, like and trust you.

Here are some things you can do to effectively market your company on Twitter:

Share something about a new app or tool you utilize
Share a Facebook post to start up a conversation
Talk about a celebration that’s coming up in your area, like a tradeshow or community event.
Create discount codes for a discount on your services or products
#8. Interact with your followers

Respond to fans who mention you in their tweets or retweet (RT) one of your content. A simple ‘Thanks for the mention’ or ‘Thanks for the RT’ goes a long way!

#9. Avoid Auto-follow and Car direct messages!

You do not have to follow everybody who follows you. It’s best to just check your followers a couple of times a week plus follow them back if you want to.

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