The particular Realities of Being a Writer

The response is the same every time. While i tell people I’m a writer, these people step back, their eyes go broad and they say ‘Wow. That’s must be exciting! ‘ There’s a certain cache to being a writer. Images associated with long scarves, casual lunches, easygoing writing lines filled with wit and insight while staring out the particular window. Everyone has a novel, or perhaps a short story, or a screenplay or perhaps a play stuffed half finished in the drawer. The writer’s life should be such a thrilling life compared to the 9-5drudgery of the accountant, the teacher, the administrator or financial planner. It must be so great. It must be so easy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a writer.

There exists a vast difference between the fantasy to be a writer and the reality of being an author. To be sure, there are many aspects of the writer’s life which are wonderful and exciting and thrilling. But if you want to make a living as a writer, it’s important to be aware of the afternoon to day aspects.

REALITY ONE: Writing is a job, and should be handled like one. It’s one thing to create occasionally, or in your spare time while leisurely staring out the windowpane. But the job of the professional writer, is to write. Just as the job from the teacher is to teach. The only way to build a volume of material – be it articles, or poems, or brief stories or whatever you wish to work on – the only way to create material would be to dedicate yourself to putting words within the page. The only way your novel will get finished is if you put words within the page. Every day. You put words within the page every day just as the nurse goes to work every day.

Also, if you give your writing the credit score it is due, if you believe it is a job, and worth being called a work, it will be easier todissuade those who think you need to do it for free. There is a notion that will since creative artists more often than not really like what they do and don’t have setparameters (such the accountant) they should be happy to compose for love and not for money. Professional writers get paid. They make a living with their words. If you want to become a professional writer, you must give your words the same weight as those with so called ‘real’ jobs give to their work.

THE BOTTOM LINE? If you want to be a professional writer, deal with your writing professionally. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write eight hours each day five days a week with an hour for lunch and two pauses. The creative process is hardly ever so regimented! Nor does it imply that writing should become a chore, something you ‘have’ to do. But it really does take commitment to write regularly. You have to think of writing as your occupation.

ACTUALITY TWO: Writing can be lonely. The majority of days it’s you and the page, or perhaps you and the computer screen, or if you’ve got writer’s block it’s just you. Issues can get pretty silent – which usually many writers enjoy. But what if you don’t? If you’re not the kind of individual who works well alone, or has a difficult experience self motivating it’s going to be tough. This really is particularly true in the beginning stages before getting a publisher or a production. How can you move yourself and your work forward?

THE BOTTOM LINE? Figure out how you work greatest as a writer.
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If you like background sound, go write in a cafe. If you want someone else to set your deadlines, join a writers group where you need to present your work. In this age of social networking there are so many communication and connection shops, find other writers through face book or Twitter. Go to Alltop. com, read other writer’s blogs and leave comments. There are simply no excuses these days for a writer sit alone in a room, unless it can by choice.

REALITY THREE: A possibility that easy to make money at it.

Mostly this is because there are so many writers combating for the same piece of pie. There are so many more writers in the world than there are publishers, movie studios and theatre businesses. It only makes sense that only a few are able to make a lot with their creating. Sure there are writers who compose that one book which becomes a greatest seller, ends up on Oprah’s listing and are set for life. But there are numerous others who toil for years. Imagine if you get published and no one buys your book? What will you do when the fantasy of being a writer collides with cold hard reality?

These are essential questions to ask yourself. So is, why do you want to be considered a writer? The more you can define your goals, the eaiser it will be to create a step by step path to reach those targets. It circles back to treating composing as an occupation.

Another great question can be: how do you define success? Is success in the quality or the quantity of your writing? In the single reader or maybe the millions of readers? In the small earnings or the large? Don’t be modest; the greater honestly you answer the easier it will be to define your goals.

THE RESULTS? If there’s anything else in the world you can imagine yourself doing, you should probably move do it. Still committed? Define your own goals. Define the meaning of success. Define for yourself why you want to compose, and what you are willing to do to become a professional writer.

REALITY FOUR: Success does not come by sitting back

There is this other notion that if you get an author or an agent or a deal or even a contract that your work is done. An individual sell your writing, there’s another person to do it for you. You can sit back and live the dream that is ‘the writer. ‘ And, sure you will find one or two or three writers available who have achieved this level. Almost all have not. Again it’s the too many authors for the same piece of pie scenario, just this time the pie is the market.

If you want to become a professional writer, you should take on marketing responsibilities. You must be ready to sell yourself. No one else understands your work as well as you do, no one else love your work as much as you do, no one else will be able to sell it as well as you may. What is going to put your writing over the top is if you take the necessary making yourself known to an audience. Create an audience want to read your writing. They have so much to choose from, why should yours stand out to them?

THE BOTTOM LINE? Questioning how to sell yourself? No other period has had such accessible self marketing and self promotion tools. Write a blog. Keep it current, there’s nothing even worse than an abandoned blog. Get yourself available for interviews. Any interviews. Create your own interviews. Create YouTube movies about your writing process. Tweets your process and hashtag it so those interested in writing will find you. Put a newsletter on the website. Learn how to use all 21st century tools to your advantage. Do not sit back plus wait for someone else to do the work.

IN THE END, knowing the nuts and bolts of becoming a professional writer will do one of two points: make you want to write more or make you want to do something else! Having said all this, being a writer is a wonderful occupation. There is a passion and a power in the art of sharing words with an audience. If you can find the balance between the passion and the every day nuts and bolts you will become a successful writer.

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