Fatty Liver Disease Is a Ticking Period Bomb: Get Yourself Examined Today

Fatty liver disease is often ignored for its slow evolution process. Since the ailment is time dependent, a patient normally misunderstands the initial curveballs that this disease throws out. To make matters more complicated, Fatty Liver problems aren’t strongly tied to alcoholics.

In biological terms, the liver disease is referred to as Alcoholic Liver Disease. By default, every healthy human being has a thin film of fat molecules that cover the muscle area. If the imbiber takes too much carbs and drinks a lot of beverages that are heavy on alcohol, the amount of fat inside the liver increases exponentially.

This increased amount of fatty tissues can result in a variation of liver related problems. However, it was mentioned earlier that the problem isn’t strongly reliant on alcohol intake. Henceforth, any obese person could be the next victim of this vile disease.

Due to overgrowing obesity levels, there are 35% individuals in America who’re prone to liver diseases. The initial symptoms of this disease can be dished out as:

• Consistent level of discomfort and fatigue
• Dizziness and “weird gut” feeling in the upper abdominal cavity

In addition to above symptoms, a normal version (non-alcoholic) of fatty liver is regarded as Steatosis.
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Regardless of your drinking antics, patients with Steatosis based profile can also develop the following features, under the non-alcoholic fatty liver category:

• Rashes on skin with itchy feeling
• Vomit normally consists of blood strings
• Skin becomes hyper sensitive to bruises
• Memory loss
• Body loses muscle retention process. Palms get mottled and skin develops a yellowish color

An advanced stage of fatty liver disease is called fibrosis. It normally occurs when the liver delves into the Non-Alcoholic Hepatitis stage, which further develops scar tissues inside the liver. A consistency in fibrosis condition can lead to sever and often irreversible damage to the liver.

The abdominal ailment spreads over the following series of changes:

• Initial weight loss problems give vent to first stage of fatty liver disease
• With a Body Mass Index of 25.0+, the patient advances to the next level, which is T-2 Diabetes
• At this point, the affected body becomes resistant to insulin treatment
• Liver goes into fibrosis stage and increases blood pressure levels


There is no permanent short termed cure for this disease. The patient has to be exposed to a series of drugs, over a scheduled interval of various months. After carrying out several tests that are spread over Ultrasound, blood tests, CAT and CT scans, doctors issue their prescription.

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