Wonder If Cracked Versions Are Capable of Clearing Registry Errors? Know Now

Registry errors have become very common these days. This is so because our computers are accessible through internet almost throughout the day and hence the registry gets full of temporary files and folder and many a times, installation of software programs which are of no consequence to us. Similarly, many viruses, malware and spyware also are carried into our system without our knowledge which causes the real damage to the registry. Consequently, we have slow computers which often have irritating popup menus on the screen while we work and later blackouts and crashes of the systems.

In such a situation it is imperative to use a registry optimizer or cleanup software that can eliminate all such risks to the life of our system with ease.
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Many such registry scanners are available in the market and their prime goal is to monitor our system of such corrupt programs. They have automatic regular scanning, which help in finding the errors in time and thereby getting rid of them.

The registry repair software is of two types: freeware and the commercial. Freeware is also known as cracked version of software which is illegally placed on internet to be downloaded for free. They have many disadvantages like they cannot detect all the errors and take lot of time in scanning. You can’t work simultaneously on computer when the scanning process is one. Also, they are not regularly updated and hence are obsolete and their performance is not so good.

Another problem that one comes across through cracked versions is spyware. Many a times, these free editions have hidden spyware and malicious malware attached to them which come with the program and get installed automatically on your system. They not only take away a lot of space but also one cannot deny the dangers associated with them. They hack your personal information like your email id and password to the person who has installed it. Some of them are comparatively friendly and only offer your surfing patterns to internet.

Unfortunately, most of the people do not understand what troubles they are inviting by downloading the cracked versions. Thus, it is better to understand the following cons of the cracked version and go for an authentic registry cleaner:

· One can’t expect maximum output from a cracked version.
· A malware or spyware may come along with free download of these cracked versions which would further deteriorate the condition of your system.
· Cracked software is illegal and by using them you are doing theft.
· Regular updates would be the last thing you can expect from the cracked version and hence the registry errors would continue to be there like earlier and your whole purpose of downloading the software would fail.

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