Why Should You Use A Professional Architect to Design Your Dream House?

Your home is most probably the biggest investment you will ever make. So why not make the first step, the designing of your dream house, the right one? Design and drawing skills, a good construction knowledge and building site experience are irreplaceable functions of a professional architect.

Architects are construction professionals with knowledge of house plans, the building industry and associated fields. Experienced residential architects have a working knowledge of local council requirements and know how to avoid common pit falls in the building industry. They have real-life exposure to building products and methods that are constantly changing. Your architect can also provide a full professional service, including to monitor the construction process up to completion, taking a big load off of your own shoulders.
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The first step when hiring an architect is to communicate to him your design preferences. Do this by clippings or photo’s of architecture and design styles you like, and be clear about your requirements. These can include the number of (en-suite) bedrooms, bathrooms and entertainment areas, non-standard fixtures you require, the size and quantities of existing furniture you will need to fit into your new home’s living spaces and many more. Note however that your architect’s advice and ideas about the design may differ from yours – take them into serious consideration, especially regarding style. The style you may have in mind might not be the correct idea for a number of reasons, which your architect should explain to you.

Your architect will, based on this and some artistic interpretations, present you with a concept design. After this has been discussed, adjusted and approved, the next step is to prepare construction plans and obtain quotations, usually from between two and four building contractors. It is not possible to provide an accurate estimate without proper tender documents. By hiring an architect, you get accurate drawings and comprehensive finishes schedules which can be used for tender documentation to contractors, council submission and construction purposes.

A good architect will also inform you to budget for unforeseen expenses and not just the construction of the intended design. The average cost of your home will depend on the method of construction, materials, location and many more factors. Your architectural practitioner should have a good knowledge and inform you regarding these factors.


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