The particular Spice of Plaza De Garibaldi in Mexico

A mere mention of the name of the place in Mexico called “Plaza de Garibaldi” will elicit various emotions and opinions from those who hear it.
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Some individuals, even locals, who have gone to this particular place will say that Plaza sobre Garibaldi is a place one should stay away from because of the bar or restaurant proprietors who charge tourists with absurdly hefty amounts for a few mugs associated with beer or margarita. Others who else continue to go there will advise people who are not familiar with it, like the first time tourists, to just be cautious especially when the darkness falls on Mexico City.

Plaza de Garibaldi was originally called Plaza Santa Cecilia but it has been changed in the memory of a leading man named Jose de Garibaldi who also fought during the country’s revolution period against those who charged Chihuahua.

Those who frequent this place are the local people and tourists who are captivated with the serenading music of the mariachi music group. The mariachi is a Mexican music group composed of players of devices like violins, guitar and trumpets. Tourists can actually request a track from these engaging artists in exchange of cash that serves as their suggestion. Those who are drawn to their music can come tothis place everyday even in the wee hours of the morning to hear the mariachi bands play.

Although it continues to encourage foreigners to have a flavor of Mexico and its music which usually lightly waves the Mexico flag up in the air with its soulful tempo, efforts are still ongoing to restore the glory and iconic stature. Maintain yourself who worry coming here, be calm, because the music and great Plaza de Garibaldi has already been refurbished, and security of the place has ceased to be a concern for interested tourists.