Frightening Car Rental Fees

Concealed things can be scary. We like everything to be transparent so we know what to expect and we can plan ahead for what’s coming in the future. Not really everything can be this way, but we do our best to control as much as we are able to. However , with all the planning that goes into our travel, when we’re in the whirlwind of traveling to a new place or on a quick business trip, we can easily miss fees that this airlines and other travel companies can strike us with. Rent the car you need or want, but just make sure to consider fees that could add up quickly should you be not careful.
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Here are a couple of “scary” examples of car rental fees to watch out for:

Gas Surcharges – Think about this one as being a “convenience fee” as it can cost you just as much as a whopping $175-$200 to fill up an empty tank if you don’t buy the full tank prior to renting the vehicle. However , buying the full tank and then returning the vehicle with a full tank also can help the rental car agency make some earnings. Tip? Make sure to fill up the tank yourself prior to returning.

Age Surcharges – Under 25? Some rental car companies will not let you rent at all due to the insurance risk associated with your actual age. Some rental car companies will let you rent a car, but will tack on the surcharge of at least $20/day. Plus, it can raise your insurance price if you get pulled over for a shifting violation or get into an accident.

Extra Driver Surcharges – Depending on the degree of membership (if any) you have with the car rental company, as well as other affiliate subscriptions you may have, you may get hit with an extra driver surcharge. This surcharge might be as much as $10-$15 a day depending on the kind of car you are renting. Plus, don’t believe that because you skip the documents that you can get away with the fee. Should you do not register the other driver, and that operater gets into an accident in a rental car, the rental car agency and/or the car insurance provider can hold you liable for not adopting the rental policies when you rented the automobile.

Tax and Airport Surcharges – Airports around the country and the planet want to try to improve their facilities, so one of the best places to raise that income? They do it through the car rental firm. While it may provide a brand new catwalk, better airport facilities, or a more effective environment, it can be a hidden drain on your wallet. This is why it can be significantly less expensive to rent a car through a nearby car rental location that is not affiliated with the airport versus renting the same vehicle through the airport location. If you have time and patience, and can get to a nearby rental location, this practice by yourself can save you tens to hundreds of bucks a year if you rent many vehicles.